Brazil Proxy

Brazil's best web proxy

Brazil is known to host some of the most amazing biodiversity on the planet. This country has it all, and now it has a world class home grown Brazilian proxy: Brazil Proxy! Never again will you be restricted by the unfair rules set by system administrators or the threat of spying eyes. Brazil Proxy offers a superior proxy service that will allow you to experience the internet the Brazilian way. Also, you don't need to actually be in Brazil or even America to use this free proxy! You can use it from anywhere on earth!

Brazil Proxy can be used for anything you choose to surf and is especially popular with these sites- Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Orkut and Youtube. Feel free to surf the net and avoid annoying malware and viruses. Please use Brazil Proxy responsibly and be sure to read our privacy and terms and conditions below. We hope you will bookmark Brazil Proxy and use it daily!

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